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Check Payment Option

Homeowners can pay by mail, in person, or via online bill-pay services.

Payment by mail

1)  All checks should be made payable to your ASSOCIATION not Accord.

2)  To ensure that payments are posted to the correct account, please be sure to include a payment coupon.

3)  Homeowners who own multiple units in the same community or in other Accord-managed communities should submit a separate check and coupon for each unit.

4)  When paying by check, please write your account number in the memo section.

Please Note:  Some bill-pay services produce checks that do not list the account holder’s name and/or address.  If you are using an online bill-pay service please verify with the service that your account number will be printed on the front of the check.

In accordance with the rules of the National Automated Clearing House, information from check payments may be used to create an electronic debit. The electronic debit on your statement is valid as proof of payment.

In Person

Payments are also accepted Monday through Friday from 9am –until 5pm at Accord’s office located at 3033 S. Parker Rd., Aurora CO 80014.

There is no after-hours drop-box; checks should not be placed under the door.  Homeowners paying in person are issued a receipt as proof of payment.

NSF Notice

A $20 Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF fee) is charged for checks returned by the homeowner’s bank.  Accord does not re-deposit checks.  Homeowners may be required to remit certified funds for NSF items.

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