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A homeowners’ association or HOA elects board of directors for proper management of the community. Board Members and Property Management Company are responsible for enforcing policies of the association related to property maintenance, administrative functions, repair problems and other key issues. They also make the annual budgets for insurance coverage of the association.

Things You Must Know about HOA Insurance Policy make sure your association has the following policies to adequately protect you and the association:

•General liability



•Commercial auto (hired and non-owned)

•Fidelity (crime or employee dishonesty)

•Umbrella (optional)

•Workers’ compensation (optional)

•Flood (optional)

If you are a Board Member looking for a suitable HOA/Condo insurance policy, PELITON can help. They specialize in insurance for Homeowners’ & Condo Associations. They can help you select the correct policies that are “Targeted for your association.” They will make sure you get the right types of policies with proper coverage. They are passionate about their work and help community managers and board members make informed decisions.


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