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Posted by Accord on April 26, 2012




A Guide to Maximizing the Life of your Roof through Preventive Roof Maintenance.

What caused the hole in this wood shake roof? Tornado? Hurricane? Vandalism? Satellite Dish Installer? Lightening? Meteor? Gremlins? Block of ice from an airliner’s bathroom (yuk!)? No!

Believe it or not, raccoons, opossums and large rodents are usually the culprits. One would think that this couldn’t be possible, but that is not so. These critters are highly adaptable and will chew their way into attic spaces for shelter. They are able to gain access by gnawing and wedging through openings as small as half an inch wide!

Tree trimming can be helpful in limiting a rodent’s access to the roof, but these pesky critters have been known to even climb up stucco walls and gutters. Thus, it is extremely important to thoroughly inspect your roofs for openings made or used by rodents to gain access to homes and work spaces. A simple wire mesh covering for t-tops and eave vents, replacing broken tiles, covering open areas and properly installing bird stops are ways to prevent and remedy holes used and caused by these critters.

Imagine the water intrusion into this unit during a heavy rain storm! Along with the rodent problem, such a hole could cause a seriously expensive leak. Considering the effectiveness of proper roof maintenance in preventing and remedying rodent roof damage, it is no surprise that the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) as well as the roofing material manufactures recommend thorough roof inspections at least once per year every year for the life of the roof.


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